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Scaling Tests for pair production

Comparison between CRP 1.4 and 2.0

Comparison between the secondary pair production spectra of CRPropa 1.4 and 2.0. In this simulation protons were propagated over 1 Mpc. The original spectra is a powerlaw spectra with spectral index alpha=-1 between 1 EeV and 100 EeV.

Comparison between iron and proton

The secondary spectra of Proton and Iron, in the iron case divided by 26^2. The particles are injected with an power law spectra betwenn 1 EeV/A and 100 EeV/A. This should result in the same spectra.

Comparison between iron and proton

Comparison between 1D and 3D without magnetic fields for iron.

Known Bugs

    • Set --with-root= Flag by default. The flag is then only needed, if a special root directory is given.

Compiler Flags

The compiler flags can be set with the -D option for gcc. There are several in CRPropa.

    • mfpOut writes a file mfpPPOut.txt containing the mean free path for all interactions as well as the loss length for pair production, the format of the file is a asci table containing the rows
#Energy Gamma Decay  PD PionProtonCMB PionNeutronCMB PionProtonIRO PionNeutronIRO ProtonProtonOnTargetGas MfP PairPRodLossLength
    • DEBUG_OUTPUT writes a lot of additional output to the standard out. Especially it allows to scan analyze in detail each propagation step. This option should be used carefully since it easily outputs several GB.
    • NILS
    • GAM_TEST Sets all produced photons to a position and position specified in the file. Prints out very detailed information related to the detection of photons.
    • NU_TEST Same as GAM_TEST, but for neutrinos.