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Installation of CRPropa 2

CRPropa is C++ code, which uses the GNU Autotools as build system, it can therefore be installed in the standard way with configure make make install. In more detail, CRPropa depends on DINT 1, SOPHIA 2, SIBYLL 3, TinyXML, CFITSIO , CLHEP, FFTW and ROOT. Among them, DINT, SOPHIA, SIBYLL and TinyXML are included in the distribution, and CRPropa provides an helper script for installation of CLHEP and CFITSIO. ROOT and FFTW need to be installed before the installation of CRPropa. In addition Doxygen is needed. Then CRPropa can be installed with

./make install 

in the crpropa-2.0 directory. For the ./configure commands there are several options, which can be listed with

./configure --help

The most important ones are the options to use different libraries than those included in the standard search path. In addition it is possible to choose a non standard installation directory with


where pwd can be replaced with an arbitrary directory. Some more information can be found in the manual (pdf) and in the README file.

Further Documentation

Besides the manual contained in the source package, further can be found in the accompanying paper. In addition Version 1 of CRPropa was described in detail by Armengaud & al. 20064.

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