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CRPropa is a publicly available code to study the propagation of ultra high energy nuclei up to iron on their voyage through an extragalactic and galactic environment. It takes into account: pion production, photodisintegration and energy losses by pair production of all relevant isotopes in the ambient low energy photon fields as well as nuclear decay and redshift evolution effects. CRPropa can model the deflection in intergalactic and galactic magnetic fields, the propagation of secondary electromagnetic cascades and neutrinos for a multitude of scenarios for different source distributions and magnetic environments. It enables the user to predict the spectra of UHECR (and of their secondaries), their composition and arrival direction distribution.

Spectra of simulated UHECRs Modular structure of CRPropa 3

CRPropa 3

CRPropa 2


If you have any kind of question, bug report, or other comment, please don't hesitate to use our ticket system. Note that in order to open a new "issue" you will need to create a github account.

For general discussions and announcements you may also wish to join our mailing list To do so, you need to send a mail to with subject "SUBSCRIBE crpropa-user firstname lastname" (Further commands (unsubscribe etc.) for DESY mailing lists can be found here).


  • CRPropa 1 Eric Armengaud, Tristan Beau, Guenter Sigl
  • CRPropa 2 Karl-Heinz Kampert, Joerg Kulbartz, Luca Maccione, Nils Nierstenhoefer, Peter Schiffer, Guenter Sigl, Arjen van Vliet,
  • CRPropa 3 Rafael Alves Batista, Andrej Dundovic, Martin Erdmann, Karl-Heinz Kampert, Daniel Kuempel, Gero Müller, Guenter Sigl, Arjen van Vliet, David Walz, Tobias Winchen

We acknowledge various people for many helps and the development of former cosmic ray propagation codes from which this package is inspired: Ricard Tomas, Mariam Tortola, Cyril Lachaud, Sébastien Renaux-Petel, Martin Lemoine, Gianfranco Bertone, Claudia Isola, Sangiin Lee.


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